Saturday 25 February 2012

This Song...Praises the Lord

By Eric Hanna, S.J.

We all think it from time to time: this song sucks. Liturgical music has an important function. It unites the people together in the act of creating music. The congregation takes up an active role in the liturgy when we sing together.

But there's no pleasing everyone. Once in awhile, I think we all discover a hymn that grates on our nerves, or lyrics we find trite. But, like the comic illustrates, you can never know what your fellow parishioners are thinking.

The person next to you may be having the most moving spiritual experience in the world thanks to that hymn. So it is a grace I seek to step out of myself and just let the music be, praying together with my brothers and sisters in the community of faith.

And if I slip up … at least I can laugh at myself. Praying is serious business. But it involves every aspect of our humanity. Including the grace not to take oneself entirely seriously.


  1. I have to agree with you I really don't like that song! I also can really appreciate what you are saying though after doing music ministry for a few years now there are songs that I would rather not sing, but I don't often stop to wonder how the song might be helping someone else enter in to the worship of God. Thanks!